In tracing the causes of shipwrecks, our office  shows great importance to whether the International Regulations and Agreements, and Regulations of Classification Societies have been implemented. Shipbuilding has reached such a point that even if the ship is at the bottom of the ocean it is possible to identify the causes of the sinking. The last 60 years dozens of shipwrecks cases were taken to the Prosecutor’s Office file leaving unsatisfied the sense of justice. This was due to the lack of specific technical knowledge on behalf of the involved parties resulting that whilst there was a violation of felony provisions of the Penal Code, such as disturbance of marine safety ,  the  charges were brought  of manslaughter. These tragedies should be solved and assigned appropriate responsibilities to those who are responsible, because only then there will be justice for the victims and their relatives.


Seafarers accidents at sea

– Maritime/ Shipping accidents in America

Passenger accidents at sea

Indicative reference  of maritime accident cases our office has dealt:

collision of vessels T/SH «A.E.» and m/v «A.C.»

sinking of  Μ/V «M» in the Indian Ocean

sinking of  Μ/V «C» at Cape Maleas

collision of vessels Μ/V«S» and Δ/Ξ «N», at Bosporus

sinking of  Μ/V «I.A.» in the Atlantic Ocean

sinking of  T/SH «Τ» in China

sinking of  Μ/V «C» in England/ UK

sinking of tanker T/SH«C» in the Philippines

sinking of  Μ/V «P» in Romania

sinking of  M/V  «P» in Spain

sinking of  «I.V.» in South Africa

explosion of tanker «A.N» in France

sinking of  M/V «SEAFAITH», in China

sinking of  M/V «L.S.», in Norway

sinking of  Μ/V «A» in France

sinking of  Μ/V «A. P.», Sardinia island

explosion of chemical tanker «L» in Argentina

sinking of  passenger ship «E. S.», at Paros Island

sinking of  M/V «C», Azores Islands