George Trantalidis & Associates law firm was founded in Piraeus in 1980 and since then has a strong and constant presence in the field of Maritime Law (maritime accidents, seafarers), Medical Law (medical malpractice) and the Pharmaceutical Law (defective products).

The main philosophy of the office is to protect human life. The inestimable value to human existence, leads to obtaining reasonable compensation for mental suffering of persons who are entitled, from   loss of life, either through accidents at sea, shipwrecks, etc, or by medical malpractice  and pharmaceutical defective products.

We are close to our clients – victims of such accidents / malpractice and their families – providing full support during litigation, often long lasting/, making it possible for their satisfaction.

Our lawyers provide expert legal services in the areas of Maritime law, Accident at sea, Work related claims, Medical and Pharmaceutical law. For the effective representation of our clients, we have developed cooperative ties with law firms in most areas within our country but also in many countries abroad, as well as with Embassies and Consulates.

We are constantly informed about national and international developments in all areas of our activities.